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General Data
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Planning Aids
 site plan sketch roof plan photo side elevation description
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Please enclose a copy of electric bill if possible.

Site Details
1.) Which direction does the roof face?

2.) What is the tilt of the roof?

3.) How large is the available roof area?

 E -75 -60 -45 -30 -15 S
 15 30 45 60 75 W

degrees (α)

(length, A meter)
(length, B meter)
4.) What type of roof does the building have?
 Pitch Flat Others
5. ) What type of roofing does the building have?
 tile slate corrugated folded-plate metal others
6.) Is the roof temporarily shaded by trees, neighboring buildings, chimneys, etc.?
 Yes No
7.) Which method of mounting your solar system would you prefer?
 on roof flat roof free standing/ground mounted
8.) Is the building equipped with lightning protection?
 Yes No