• Keep Calm and Go Solar!
    The future of our children, the future of earth, it's in our hands.
  • Save Money, Go Green!
    Solar energy is free, abundant and inexhaustible.

Products & Services

CEnAG Solar design and build solar Photovoltaic systems that enable individuals, institutions, business and communities to generate their own power. We help reduce energy costs by integrating solar thermal technology for water heating. With solar lighting systems, remote businesses and communities enjoy illumination. Solar refrigerators and freezers help sustain life in remote areas where storing medicines and vaccines is now made possible. These may further stimulate community enterprise development.


  1. Grid Connected Systems

                Grid-connected systems are solar power systems connected to a stable public electricity grid. During the day, the electricity generated by the solar system is used immediately, or fed into the grid. In the evening, during inclement weather, or when a surge in demand occurs, electricity is supplied by the distribution utility.

                Aimed at reducing electricity bills, these systems are suitable for urban areas and regional towns, and are scalable for residential, and small-medium-large scale commercial application.

  2. Off-grid: with Battery

                Off-grid or stand-alone PV systems are independent of any electricity grid. Since there is no connection to a grid, the system must store power, often on a battery bank for use at night or during periods of limited sun. The systems generate power for direct use as well as for battery charging.

    Engineered for remote locations, systems can be built and scaled to suit the power requirements of residential homes, communities, resorts, as well as research and educational facilities.

  3. Off-grid: Hybrid

                Hybrid systems are power solutions that integrate solar PV with other available power generation systems such as mini-hydro, small wind turbines, and biomass or diesel generator to mimic a small grid or mini utility. These systems are designed for huge residential, small-medium scale commercial set-ups, and communities in remote locations, or where 24-hour power supply is a necessity.