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We supply and install solar pv systems anywhere in the Philippines.
Ang mahal ng bill?! Brown out nanaman?! Put an end to your electricity troubles.
Let the Sun’s power pay your bills as you save both money and the environment.   

Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems

Grid- connected PV systems run parallel to electric grid supply.

Save up to 30% to 60% off your power cost because you won’t be getting all your electricity needs from the grid. Use solar energy during the day, and your usual grid supply will be used during the night, inclement weather or surge of power demand. You can also sell back excess power to your local utility through net metering program.

Optional: You may add small battery to also store power during the day and use it at night or when necessary.

Off-Grid Solar PV

Also known as Stand-Alone systems, Off-Grid Solar PV Systems are designed to simultaneously generate power for direct use and battery charging.

Since there is no connection to the grid, this system must store power for use at night or periods of limited sunlight.

Off-Grid Solar PV systems are best suitable for remote locations where communities do not have access to power grids. 

Hybrid System

Some communities still rely on diesel generators where supply is intermittent, limited and costly. Hybrid systems enables you to create a microgrid where the main source of power will be solar PV and gensets become your back-up supply.

Energy Storage

Cenag collaborates with Autarsys GmbH, a Berlin-based specialist in containerized energy storage systems (ESS).

Based on advanced Lithium Ion Battery Technology, the Autarsy’s ESS guarantees 24/7 supply of high quality power and smoothen fluctuations resulting to stable voltage and frequency.


We are with you all the way. From financing, installation, to maintenance.


Flexible Payment Methods

Financial options including ZERO capex.


Designed To Save, Built To Last

Only the best materials. 85% performance at year 25 vs 80% or lower with others.


Reliable Maintenance & Support

We care about what happens to your system after the sale.

Cenag Solar 

Cenag Solar is a German-Filipino engineering company dedicated to promoting sustainable, environment-friendly and cost-effective green energy solutions.  Our core business is building small to medium power generation systems where solar PV technology is the centerpiece.  These systems may stand alone, interconnect with an established power grid, or synchronize with other alternative energy sources.

Our engineering team boasts of successful installations in Germany, Australia, Philippines and other South East Asian countries.  To date, we have brought power to communities where there was none… augmented supply in areas where 4 hours a day access was the norm… significantly reduced reliance on diesel for others… dramatically cut down fees to the utilities for some.

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Client Testimonials

“Finally decided to go solar and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Cenag Solar has been superb in helping me reach my goal. 8 months after, I have recovered my investment in my Grid-Connected PV System, and my monthly power bills has greatly decreased. Thanks to them, now I can say goodbye to astronomical Meralco bills! Couldn’t be any happier!”

Michael Silverio

“Palawan’s electricity isn’t something you’d associate with the word “reliable”. As a resort in El Nido, it has always been embarrassing when we get hit by unannounced power outages. Cenag Solar has helped us get through our electricity dilemma, even in rainy days. Our investment in Off-Grid Solar PV has greatly improved the way we do business and serve our guests.”

Peter Solon

“I’ve always been skeptical with investing in solar energy systems. A business partner referred Cenag Solar to us and they’ve been with us every step of the way. They are very helpful, accommodating and informative when it comes to the technicalities of a solar power system. Would highly recommend them as solar power system suppliers and installers.”

Angie Verdeflor

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